CommunityVotes is:

  • A cloud-based business-voting platform, branded with your logo, text and URL
  • A sales-lead generator CRM, and a direct revenue stream
  • Great for your community and great for your business

Voting Platform

The platform is designed to cover all kinds of businesses at the same time. We made "Categories" of businesses for this reason. For example, there can be a "Restaurants" category and even categories within it such as "Italian" or "Fine Dining". A business can be in any number of categories.

Community Votes Categories

CommunityVotes Responsive Voting Platform

 Great for Your Community

The voting platform has two phases of community engagement:


  • Joe Public browses through the categories and sees all the businesses nominated in the categories
  • He can nominate any number of businesses he likes in that category
  • Once approved by an administrator, Joe's nominees are viewable by other people as well
  • Nominated businesses and counts are monitored by administrators
CommunityVotes nomination

CommunityVotes New Nomination


  • Administrators select the top nominees in each category to be votable
  • Joe Public returns to cast a vote for his favorite
  • Administrators determine winners by votes cast in each category
CommunityVotes voting

CommunityVotes Voting

 Great for Your Business

Sales-Lead Generator

  • During the nomination phase, the system collects categorized data about each business along with the relative popularity among your audience, measured both through nominations and vote counts
  • The system allows you to enter and modify contact information such as address, phone number, contact person, social media info and more
  • The system also keeps track of your sales team members and allows you to assign leads to your reps in bulk

Direct Revenue

  • The platform allows businesses to purchase a "Business Profile Package"
  • The purchased business profile package lists all categories their business is nominated in
  • A QR code is generated, which directs to your business profile package and can be used in print products
  • A short-url to the business profile package is generated for use in social media
  • Community Votes handles transactions and directs revenue, minus a processing fees, to you on a regular basis

Simple Administration Interface

We are constantly improving our platform. There are many exciting new features in the works!

CommunityVotes Administration Dashboard

CommunityVotes administration dashboard